"We approached Lou to work on our “Sweet Runaway” album launch and tour. She was totally enthusiastic, tenacious and present about the entire campaign. Her “Virgoan” attention to detail, professionalism and wicked sense of humour was a treat for us to work with, but best of all she is a genuine music lover. She gets it."

Robyn and Chris

The Yearlings

"Playing in a band based in Tasmania, it can be difficult to get your music out ‘there’. Sure the mainland is only a plane or boat ride over Bass Strait but the biggest barriers aren’t geographical. There seems to be an expectation that bands will either be descendent of the late 90’s abrasive end-of-the-earth Hobart lo-fi punk scene or just a plain lame high-schoolish talent show version of what the national youth broadcaster was pumping out on the airwaves 12 months prior."

"When you don’t fit in either of these categories and then to make things more difficult you play in a garage-pop band from Launceston you know you’re going to need to hire some help to spread the word. Our help came in the form of Lou at Lance Rock. Not only was she highly recommended by everyone we spoke to but her energy and enthusiasm towards the project was on par with that of the band members themselves. Lou was able to ensure we got radio play all over the country and reviews in some major press that normally wouldn’t have looked twice at our cd in the pile of hundreds that take up desk space in journalist’s offices."

"We certainly appreciated her advice, experience and enthusiasm and would not hesitate to recommend her to others."

James Dilger

Sole Stickers

"Lou made the experience of working with a publicist for the first time, a very enjoyable and satisfying one. She has a friendly and warm personality and a genuine interest in the music she represents. I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future."

Ainslie Wills

"In 2008, from the dark lonely corridors of indie-obscurity Even were plucked, pushed and promoted by the mighty Lou Ridsdale of Lance Rock, thrust once again into the minds of the wider community of music lovers. Who said our day in the sun had passed? Nay, the sun shone once again. One thing I have learned comrades in my 23 years in the music caper, publicity is everything...oh and having killer songs too!! At least we know the publicity thing is taken care of!! As a wise A&R man (..yeh I know, oxymoronic..) once said to me in the heady late 90's.. "There's no point havin' a record out if c__ts don't know about it"

"So, with all quasi-ironic posturing and self-effacing diatribe aside, I am thrilled with the work of Lance Rock. In conjunction with our licensor Rubber Records and our management Cherry Rock, the Lance Rock publicity campaign for our latest album rivals, and in many ways superseded any promotional splash Even experienced in the dizzying 90's.
Viva La 'Lance Rock "

Ashley Naylor - EVEN

"Lou lives and loves music like a wizard of Aus. With passion and a gritty knowledge of this rotten business, Lou stands tall and proud, above the sea of her rivals dropping publicity bombs, bands strapped tightly to their detonators, into the laps and minds of print and radio with skill and precision. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for 5 star quality and excellence in PR."

Kris Buscombe – Witch Hats

"Lance Rock publicity is great, Lou did a great job, above and beyond what a normal publicist does. She really helped make our Oz tour successful!"

Ko – The Dirtbombs (USA)

" Working with Lance Rock is an absolute pleasure. The combination of professionalism, charm and know-how always gets results. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client. Feel free to give me a call on 03 8415 1067 to discuss."

Adrian Basso - PBS 106.7FM General Manager

"As an independent artist in a world where musicians and bands are a dime a dozen, and where the business end of the music industry has become so complex and competitive, I learned a long time ago to not have any expectations beyond my own abilities and experience. That is until I went to Australia in 2008 and played a tour which far exceeded my wildest dreams. It's only a shame that I have had to travel so far (to the opposite end of the globe) to find such a dedicated, professional, and affordable ally which has propelled my career as a musician, and helped me discover an appreciative audience. Now I'm heading back, and I have a funny feeling that this won't be last tour I play down under. Lance Rock Publicity rocks."

Mark Steiner (ex-Piker Ryan, NYC), Oslo, Norway

"The plan is a really straight to the point document that doesn't mince words on both the amount of work needed to succeed in the music business and the many fronts that can be worked to inch forward. I really found the "to do" lists extremely helpful in informing my planning ahead for the next year and beyond. Although there's alot of work to do (well...I wasn't expecting a magic silver bullet in the plan) I feel that this plan gives me confidence and direction to build a music career. In short, the business plan was well worth the expense."

Stevie J. North (referring to the Lance Rock Publicity Consultancy Service & Business Strategy Package)

"Lou is a joy to work with. Her results are always of the highest quality and she operates with incredible efficiency balanced with kindness, respect and a wicked sense of humour. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. "

Liz Stringer

"Lou definitely increased our band's profile by getting the journo's pens a wagglin and interviewers shootin' the question marks about our latest release. Her follow up skills are exceptional – she left us with a big old journal full of reviews and sweet tag lines (paydirt !) She was always close at hand and kept us updated in an extremely helpful and personable manner. "

Will Hindmarsh/GO-GO SAPIEN

"The Black Seeds have performed numerous Tours and Festivals throughout the world for over 10 years. No one can gain more exposure, interviews, features and awareness better than Lou and Lance Rock! She is the "Bizz" when it comes to "The Buzz". In March 2010 we had our most successful tour yet in Australia, and we credit this solely to her capabilities and know how of the AUS media scene. We will continue to utilise her skills for many tours and releases to come. 5 Stars."

Craig Pearce, Manager – The Black Seeds (NZ)

"Let me just start by saying, Lou is an absolute champ. We had just finished recording our album and were looking to launch it in the biggest and best possible way. Our mate suggested we get in touch with Lou to get a publicity campaign going. We had about a month to get the ball rolling before the launch. After a few emails and phone calls, Lou had hooked up some interviews and reviews and stuff. And when the time came, the launch sold out. An all‐round, overall success and heaps of fun. When our month with Lou was over, we met up for some brekky and had a chat about the future. Got us a lil’ business plan to boot. This kind of talk of business plans and such can be daunting and a bit weird, but Lou made us feel like it was feasible and not weird at all. Red Rockets of Borneo would definitely seek out her straight up, friendly and professional services and advice again."

Kat - (Red Rockets of Borneo)

"Lou was involved in promoting some of our material from the 70's . She organised interviews across the country with efficiency and personal charm . If rescheduling was required she attended to it immediately and she kept me informed by forwarding any press releases . I found her to be an absolute pleasure to deal with and wish her all the luck she deserves."

Paul Wheeler - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs

"In the last couple of years the 5 albums Buffalo recorded in the 70's have been re-issued by Aztec Music with great success, Aztec have done a beautiful job with these re-issues and a large part of the success can be attributed to the marvelous work done by Lou Ridsdale who has been responsible for all the publicity and promotion around the re-issues. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking to raise their public profile. Thanks Lou. "

Dave Tice, Buffalo/The Count Bishops

" Genuine, Professional, and refreshingly friendly. In a music industry that’s so competitive Lance Rock allowed me to feel so comfortable and supported releasing that debut album out into the world. With enormous energy, vision and dedication, Lance rock…Rock!"

Sal Kimber

"In 2007, my great and honourable friends at Bang! Records, Spain, decided to release the Sacred Cowboys, 'Cold Harvest' album, which was finally completed in 2006. I'd been around the block a few times and had worked with good and not so good um, service providers in Australia, France and Germany... in the form of record companies and publicists....let's be honest.....they think they own you, some of them.

When a friend introduced me to Lou Ridsdale, I had been living in France for 9 years and the Bang! release was my first musical work since I left Australia. From the outset, I quickly discovered that not only did Lou's taste in music touch many of the right bases for me in the historical context of alternative music, but also in the contemporary context, both internationally and on the Australian scene. Another strand to this bow is all the work she has done and continues to do with a lot of interesting perhaps more mainstream Australian artists from the 1970s via Aztec Records.

When we got to talking about music in general, and who I was, and about the Cowboys and their history, and about the nature of the album itself, what it was about, I instantly knew that Lou had visualised exactly where it should go.

The Cowboys return was confusing for the Oz industry, an industry so steeped in it's stuffy view of what rock music is supposed to be ... so closed to the creative spirit...so bent on categorising and putting everything in a niche....and so bereft of ideas as to glibly steal original thought, paint it day-glo orange, and sell it as something else that it never was ....

So, with the Cowboys... on the one hand you had a group with a history extending back to the early 80s, and my personal involvement in alternative music extending back to the mid 70s....and on the other hand a group which continued to work with the best alternative musicians on the scene....starting in 2006 with Penny Ikinger and Spencer P Jones on guitar, Ash Wednesday on Keyboards... and the return of Mark Ferrie in 2008....and more importantly, a group which was not making some sort of hackneyed comeback ... but a group that was simply picking up where it had left off creatively with every member of the group at the height of their powers ... Even more confusing for the press was the fact that the group line up in the guitar section was very flexible.

Lou zeroed in on some of the best rock journalists and radio people I've ever met ... curious, interested, and there for the music ... Lou secured a comprehensive combination of radio and press support for this release.

The story doesn't end here though...following this release, Dave Laing at Shock contacted me wanting to re-release the early Cowboys material and my 70 groups the Reals and the Negatives ... Lou just made it all connect.

I'd have to say that Lou is someone who doesn't miss a single detail.... who happens to have excellent taste in music ... and never leaves the artist feeling .... like dangling... in the air."

Garry Gray, Sacred Cowboys

"Lance Rock Publicity... That's the first time in the story of our band that someone in the music business invests in us because they like us. Nowadays we've got the feeling that it's more about "how many albums you can sell ? How many people would pay to see you live ?". Lance Rock trust in artists, respect and understand their work. They have the guts to develop new comers.

Actually they're the supportive (usually missing) link. We went a first time touring in Australia, on our own...that was great...few reviews and radio interviews. Than the year after we went back again but this time with Lance Rock by our side. It's the entire truth : in the car that picked us up in the airport early in the morning, we were played on the radio.. first song we heard on this trip was one of ours ! And the driver said we were played very often and on different radios. When we arrived in Melbourne downtown, we were in every street music papers. Even one said "one of the best Australian Rock album of the last decade"...we're French, but still...that was amazing ! We were soon finished to be convinced by the quality of the work Lance Rock did for us when a guy yelled at us in the street :"hey mates you're Dimi Dero INC, you guys rock !". Lance Rock put the best spotlight we had on our band so far."

Dimi Dero, Dimi Dero Inc. Paris the 25th of September, 2008.

"A few years ago, there was a re- release of songs that I did in the 1970's. These songs were remastered from vinyl and put on CD by Michael Piper, "The Wild Places" in New York. A short time later, I was contacted by Lou of "Lance Rock Publicity" from Collingwood, Victoria via E mail and quite to my surprise, Lou informed me that there was a great deal of interest for my music in Australia and New Zealand, and asked me if I would be interested in doing some interviews.

I was, of course interested in doing some interviews and was quite flattered that she had asked me. I had no idea of how much interest there was for interviews with me about my music, and much to my surprise, Lou was instrumental in getting me MANY interviews from such notables as "PBS FM" with Steve Cross, "Sydney Morning Herald" Bernard Zuel, Music Editor, "The Examiner", "BLU FM 89.1, Blue Mountain, NSW, "In Press", "Sunday Herald Sun", "Beat Magazine", "Triple R FM", with Woody McDonald, my interview with him went on the air and streaming audio, "Rolling Stone" (Australia) and many, many others! Many of the interviews were done via E mail, and a large number of interviews were done in person by phone! All the interviews were very wonderful and insightful, with meaningful questions and by people that represented a great distribution range! Lou Ridsdale and "Lance Rock Publicity" was without question the main reason why there were so many requests for interviews in Australia and New Zealand. She had a handle on distribution of "Parallelograms" (through Michael Piper, "Ace of Discs"). All in all, she was great support and wonderful to work with."

Many regards, Linda Perhacs, USA

" Lou has been handling our publicity for some time now and has achieved many good reviews, stories, interviews etc for our albums. She's great at communicating as well, keeping us well informed with the latest placements of our articles... ."

John Baxter (Buffalo)

"Lou, I'm only too happy to recommend Lance Rock Publicity's PR expertise to any bands and/or artists with a new CD or a series of dates to promote. Not only do you have an enormous list of media outlets on your lists, but you (and Adele) happily organise and nurse the artist through interviews and, when it's all over, take the time and trouble to report back with the responses that you've garnered. You provide a fantastic service and I look forward to using LRP again.."

Mike Rudd (Spectrum)

"It's an absolute pleasure working with Lou Ridsdale. Lou is passionate about her work and she knows her stuff. The best PR buck you'll ever spend!"

Marilen Tabacco (Smartartists Management – TISM, Midnight Juggernauts, Harem Scarem etc

" Dear Lou, I would like to thank you for your recent support of Love in Bright Landscapes, the benefit concert held at The Corner Hotel on June 22 to assist in raising funds to produce a documentary on late Australian singer /songwriter David McComb. With your help, we gave our guests a superb evening and raised $15,000 toward funding the production of the Love In Bright Landscapes documentary, which will continue to take the David McComb legacy nationally and internationally. The support and advice from Lance Rock has been utterly invaluable in this venture. From the initial planning stages all the way through to the night of the show, we were able to rely on Adele to assist us with press opportunities, to get news out when it mattered and constantly shade and vary our message so the show remained topical over the entire lead up to the event. All our bands truly enjoyed playing. The goodwill extended toward the show and the enthusiasm and passion of the people who came gives us great impetus and encouragement. This result has given our project a genuine leg up: we can’t thank you enough for your help. We’ll be continuing work on Love in Bright Landscapes throughout 2008 and 2009. More information on the film (including a blog tracking its production) can be seen at http://www.loveinbrightlandscapes.com Thanks again for everything! When you see the film, you’ll know it wouldn’t have happened with you all! "

Kind Regards Jonathan Alley, Director Love in Bright Landscapes/Editor of Music Australia Guide